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Small floating laboratory of humanities that do good

A sailboat to wear the colors of inclusion

Welcome aboard Estrella, a magnificent sailboat equipped to accommodate people with disabilities, ready to carry loudly and far the colors of inclusion around the world.

Drop the moorings with us

Come breathe a wind of freedom: experience, sharing and exploration at stake!

Comment puis-je vous aider ?

Our ambition

  • Share our passion for sailing, especially with people with disabilities

  • Set up inclusive adventures and multi-activity expeditions

  • Offer original themed cruises (paragliding, yoga, astronomy, fishing ...)

  • Participate in offshore races with a disabled crew

  • Equip the boat with suitable sports equipment

  • Offer a different tourism, with less impact

  • Through navigation, raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our planet, to disconnect

  • Create social ties and show that diversity is a surprising performance lever

  • Relay, by taking samples during navigation, research in marine biology

  • Highlight the positive initiatives of partner associations and companies

the team

Where are we going ?

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