Our navigation program is open to everyone!

Whether you are alone or with others, with a disability or not, whether you have already sailed or not, to sail with us you just have to choose the part of the program that makes you dream the most and contact us !

We can also advise you on an adequate program according to your desires and your abilities.

sea trips

We offer small sea trips in the perthuis around La Rochelle: Fort Boyard, Île d'Aix, Île d'Oléron, Île de Ré ...

  • Half day, aperitif / sunset outing depending on the tides

  • Day trip: 6 to 15 people. To privatize contact us.

  • Weekend: 8 people max. To privatize consult us.

  • Events at quayside or at sea contact us

  • Seminar at quay or at sea consult us

Prices: contact us

Cap sur Fort Boyard



Whether you have chosen a long voyage or a coastal cabotage, embarking on a sailing cruise means discovering another world.

It is learning to play with the elements to move , the sail being the main means of propulsion (the engine is used only for the maneuvers of port, the energy needs and to advance when there is no wind).

It means understanding time and distances differently, disconnecting from your usual way of life and learning to live with others . With Captain Souchaud, our professional skipper who ensures the smooth running of the boat, you will sail independently, you will stop in well chosen harbors or moorings and will enjoy the joys of roaming aboard a magnificent spacious and comfortable sailboat.

Mutual help and friendliness are the watchwords and everyone participates to the extent of their abilities in everyday life as in maneuvers.