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Après 6 mois de campagne, Estrella est de retour à La Rochelle, bouclant son premier Tour de l'Atlantique en équipage handi-valide !

L'été sera rochelais ! Embarquez avec nous le temps d'une journée, d'un week-end, d'une mini-croisière...

11 novembre 2021 - 10 juin 2022.png


And where are we going next?

TARGET : Patagonia and Antarctica!

A youthful dream born of reading the stories of Sir Ernest Shackelton, we would like to sail down South America, through the Patagonian canals and take Estrella as far as... Antarctic Peninsula! 

As you can imagine, such a trip requires serious preparation and specific expensive equipment that the boat is not equipped with today. 

It will take as long as it takes, but we're going to do everything we can, pushed by the partners who, we have no doubt, will join the adventure, so that Estrella can go and caress the southern seas, then the northern, then... Everywhere in fact! 

If we want, with you, to carry our messages to the ends of the earth and show that it's possible, we have to travel the world, don't we?


We will keep you informed of our progress, so to make sure you don't miss out on any news, sign up for our newsletter and subscribe to our social networks!


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